Successful meeting with Councilman Mark Levine, survey closing, social media requests, and more!

General update – After the successful meeting with Mark Levine, we have begun to reach out to seek approval to begin construction of a temporary dog run (via a community build day). After we have a safe space for our pups, we will begin the process of establishing our run as an official run. Mark Levine has assured us that the 151 run will be rebuilt after completion of the pedestrian bridge.

Meeting with Councilman Mark Levine

Survey last push and closing – We are making one last push to collect data so PLEASE take the survey if you haven’t, send it to friends, neighbors, and coworkers, and post on social media! The survey will close on Sunday night, and we will work to create a final report. Link:

Social media requests – Angela ( ( ) is kicking off our “We Are The Puppy Brigade” campaign and we NEED cute photos of you and your pups!! We also need lots of random cute photos to keep the Instagram feed active. Please send photos to Angela with the subject “Puppy Brigade” and include:

  1. 1-2 photos of owner with dog
  2. 3-5 cute photos of anything dog related (playing, swimming, hiking, sleeping, being cute/bad, etc)
  3. Name of owner and dog (first name)
  4. Location of photos
  5. Something cute about the pet
  6. Responses to the following questions (1-2 sentences)
    1. Why the Puppy Brigade is important to you?
    2. Why we need a dog park?

Build – We are planning a community build day at the 143 site sometime in the next few weeks (after we receive approvals). We will rent/borrow a weed whacker to clear the area. Volunteers should also bring gardening supplies, if possible (ask supers, neighbors, etc). We will also purchase gloves and heavy trash bags online. Anyone with ideas or gardening expertise, please reach out to me!

Fundraising – This Saturday at 2pm, our friends at Harlem Public are hosting an epic apple bobbing contest! There will be prizes and part of the proceeds will go towards funding the dog run build. THEN on Halloween, Hamilton Heights Running Group (#HHRG) is hosting a fun run that will also benefit the Puppy Brigade. Please consider supporting these events!

Harlem Public Apple-Fest     #HHRG Fun Run

Puppy Brigade Activism – If anyone wants to help out with Puppy Brigade tasks, networking, image building, planning, etc, please let me know (! All skills and talents are welcome. The Puppy Brigade is intended to be a community organization and could not be successful without the talents and enthusiasm of each and every member!

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