Day Two of the Petition Drive
& The Next Plan of Action.

We had an amazing second day and an even more amazing weekend in our petition drive. The final number of community signatures collected this weekend reached 542! None of this could have been done without you, the community. Remember, everyone involved, even at the smallest level, is a member of the Puppy Brigade.

The next step is to reach out to local businesses and community organizations who will be our allies. If a local business posts our flyer and/or collects signatures from the community, in return, we will host their logo and link on the Puppy Brigade website and promote them through our social media pages. Please start reaching out to businesses or organizations who will be our allies. In order to be an ally of the Puppy Brigade, all that is needed:

Contact (First and Last Name):
Email Address:
Name of Business:


You can submit the info through

Keep up the excellent work, and let’s keep pushing forward!
-The Puppy Brigade

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