The mission of the Riverside Puppy Brigade is to promote the welfare of canines, to strengthen the human-animal bond, and to safeguard the rights of responsible animal owners and community members. This goal would be realized through the procurement of a dog run to replace the one that existed on 151st Street and Riverside Drive. With this action, we can guarantee a safe communal space for the residents and families of the Hamilton Heights area. To have a happy, healthy dog is the duty of every owner and this requires a safe, cared for property for our dogs to exercise.



To advocate for the creation of an official NYC dog run in Hamilton Heights.



Three years ago, a group of Hamilton Heights residents transformed a small, neglected patch of dirt below the aqueduct rotunda at 151 Street into a community dog run. When we started the space was filthy and overgrown. We cleaned the debris and broken glass. We fenced the roots of the mature mulberry tree and laid wood chips. We communally lent a hand until an idea became a neighborhood a dog run. The dog run is now a safe space for adults young and old, families, and dogs to exercise, socialize, and enjoy a clean, green space that is community-built and operated. The dog run is visited by dozens of people of all ages, races, and nationalities every day.


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