We have good news and BETTER news!

The good news… The Parks Department and the Riverside Park Conservancy agree that our long-term goal of a permanent park around 151 aligns with their goals. They have plans to put a permanent run either at our old location (smaller) or on the Greenway (larger). Can’t do anything about that for a few years, so instead of chasing our tails………… Read more »

Successful meeting with Councilman Mark Levine, survey closing, social media requests, and more!

General update – After the successful meeting with Mark Levine, we have begun to reach out to seek approval to begin construction of a temporary dog run (via a community build day). After we have a safe space for our pups, we will begin the process of establishing our run as an official run. Mark Levine has assured us that… Read more »

Take the Survey

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We have compiled a short survey for the Hamilton Heights community. This will help us and our local government know what everyone wants and doesn’t want in a dog run. Taking this survey will benefit us all greatly and give us data to put forward with the petition signatures. Thank you in advance for your time. Click Here to Take the… Read more »

Day Two of the Petition Drive
& The Next Plan of Action.


We had an amazing second day and an even more amazing weekend in our petition drive. The final number of community signatures collected this weekend reached 542! None of this could have been done without you, the community. Remember, everyone involved, even at the smallest level, is a member of the Puppy Brigade. The next step is to reach out… Read more »

Day One of the Petition Drive.


We had an overwhelming number of signatures today! We want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting the Puppy Brigade. Help us bring more people tomorrow from the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods to support the pups and the need for a dog run in the community. Once again If you want to volunteer your time, open this post to register.    … Read more »


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This site is for the community which used the Hamilton Heights Dog Run. This is our grassroots effort to create an official space for active pups to play and socialize. To keep updated on our progress or if you want to contribute, register to the site and you will be notified.